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The day began with a U.S. Department of Transportation presser announcing that, in short, Vision Zero had gone national! (The Times had initial coverage, thanks to a pre-presser presser that we skipped for a community board meeting.)
“Humans make mistakes, and as good stewards of the transportation system, we should have in place the safeguards to prevent those mistakes from being fatal,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said. “Zero is the only acceptable number of deaths and serious injuries on our roadways.”
Wow. Could Mayor Pete’s words from his bully pulpit encourage states and cities to get on board with Vision Zero? The jury is definitely out on that. After all, only a handful of members of Congress have even signed the toothless pledge to work towards reducing road violence. And when we asked New York State DOT to tell us how it intended to act on the new federal guidelines, the agency did not get back to us. (Update: the agency did finally send over a statement: “Safety is always the top priority at the New York State Department of Transportation. We look forward to reviewing the USDOT’s report and working with our federal partners on identifying additional measures to further increase the awareness of the dangers of inattention, distraction and speeds as well as actions to enhance the safety for all users of the transportation system.”)
But Kea Wilson at Streetsblog USA was at least enthusiastic about the symbolism and the words, if not the guidelines.
In other news:
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