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MACON, Georgia(41NBC/WMGT)— From a young age we all learn to set goals.
Well, students at Ingram-Pye Elementary school are doing just that. But they’re putting those goals on paper.
Fifth grader A’layah Tucker is one student who is benefitting from what a vision board is. She’s already got some goals in mind, like becoming a travel nurse and going to college. “It’s a good way to stay and focus on your goals, even if you sometimes forget about them you can just look and remember it.”
Tucker like many fifth and third graders are getting to put together their own vision for what lies ahead. For many of the students this is the first time they are hearing about a vision board and it’s meaning.
Principal Danielle Howard says goals need to be discussed with parents. That’s why creating one at a young age is so impactful. Principal Howard had a few words to parents, “it’s so important that you have a plan for yourself for you’re kids. What do you want for them? what do you see for them this year next year? five years?  twelve years?”
Students will get to present their vision board on Thursday at school while families can join in on the phone virtually. Students took home packets on Wednesday with materials for parents to follow along.
Erica Flowers is the ‘Leader in me’ teacher at Ingram-Pye Elementary. She says it’s important to showcase the vision board once completed because, “it’s going to motivate you to be the best leader you can be.”
Si’mya Robertson is also in the fifth grade and her goal is to become a basketball player and a youtuber. She says the vision board will help continue to push her in the direction of those goals.


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