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The Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept is the stepping stone to the future of performance parts and vehicles from the Japanese brand.
Mitsubishi came to the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 with its future cars, but the most interesting of them is the new Vision Ralliart Concept that brings back the Ralliart line from Mitsubishi. The new Ralliart Concept is based on the new Outlander and looks like a bigger and more performance-focused SUV with a bulkier design. Mitsubishi has not revealed any more details other than the outer design and Mitsubishi’s vision for the Ralliart lineup.
Mitsubishi will announce seven cars in the Tokyo Auto Salon, the most interesting of which is the Vision Ralliart Concept. However, many fans of the brand are disappointed after the launch, as they were expecting bigger additions with the revamping of their performance-oriented sub-brand. Fans of JDM have fond memories of the Ralliart sporting brand, which produced many rally-winning cars for the Japanese car manufacturer.
The Vision Ralliart Concept, which was revealed in the Tokyo Auto Salon, has some additions to its exterior that can be immediately noticed. The Vision Ralliart Concept has bulky front and rear bumpers and a domineering front grille, all of which make it stand out from the day-to-day SUVs one can buy from Asian manufacturers. The Vision Ralliart Concept will be painted matte black and have blue undertones that will only be visible when hit by light.
Mitsubishi claims that the Ralliart Vision Concept upholds Ralliart’s name for performance-oriented upgrades. While there is no information from Mitsubishi about any internal hardware upgrades, there are some external upgrades to look forward to. The new Vision Ralliart comes with a wider stance, 22-inch wheels with larger brake discs that have opposed piston six-pot calipers. However, from the outside, there is no indication that the standard Outlander’s plug-in hybrid powertrain has any significant changes.
Looks wise, Mitsubishi has done a decent job in making the Vision Ralliart Concept a sportier car with wider front and rear fenders and a big rear-diffuser. Mitsubishi's spokespersons in the event have not specified anything about real-life performance, other than stating that the comfortable ride has been “further refined.”
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While Mitsubishi disappointed many of its fans by using the Ralliart naming for, what looks like a revision of the Outlander, there are some things to get excited about this concept car. Mitsubishi claims that the Vision Ralliart Concept is a statement for the company’s vision for a new definition of the Ralliart name and a showcase of its engineering and passion for Japanese technical craftsmanship (monozukiri).
This will give buyers an improved Outlander with more power, better acceleration, a sportier AWD, and better control while braking and cornering. Thus, it is clear that the Vision Ralliart Concept will be a much better version of the already-popular Outlander and with added battery capacity, the Ralliart Vision Concept will have better power statistics and be suitable for rally racing, hence sticking to the Ralliart heritage.
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The Vision Ralliart Concept is a clear indication of Mitsubishi bringing back the much-loved Ralliart performance cars. This is exciting news for many rally enthusiasts, as the Ralliart cars used to dominate the Dakar Rally in their prime, but it was shut down by Mitsubishi due to lack of revenue from these cars.
In addition to the Vision Ralliart Concept, Mitsubishi also showcased an Outlander Ralliart Style and an Eclipse Ralliart Cross Style. Both of these cars have many black, red and white stickers across the body and some other appearance changes to give them a Ralliart look. There are no indications about any hardware changes, however the end product can be different with Mitsubishi giving no indication about their performance.
For those who don’t know, the Ralliart brand from Mitsubishi, especially the Ralliart Pajero and Ralliart Lancer Evolution won many rallies in the 80s which led to increased sales of 4WD cars for the company. However, the brand got out of the WRC in 2005 due to management lapses and completely withdrew from motorsport due to low sales of aftermarket accessories. Last year, Mitsubishi announced its plans for the revival of the Ralliart performance brand and the Vision Ralliart Concept is a stepping stone for future vehicles from the Japanese manufacturer which will focus on enhancing performance as well as greater comfort for the passengers.
Thus, the Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept is a car to look forward to for all rally enthusiasts and people who remember the legacy of Ralliart. It is also exciting to see the renewal of motorsport cars from Japanese manufacturers since the participation of Toyota in WRC 2018.
Despite swearing off sports cars, Mitsubishi has a proven track record of success and some incredibly fun models under its belt.