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top 10 automation trends
Automation is the key to reinventing a business. The global pandemic has shaken every possible sector and this has made an increase in technology adoption even more evident. What follows is the prediction that 2022 will witness the rise of automation in every possible aspect of business operation. On that note, let’s find out what are the top 10 automation trends and predictions to look out for in 2022.
No wonder the outbreak of the pandemic has changed a lot of things. Organizations are relying on automation to prevent business processes from collapsing. Automation has served as an excellent medium of ensuring business continuity. As we are yet to bounce back to normal, we are bound to see an increased automation adoption in 2022 and beyond.
Augmented reality has always found its way into new use cases. For the coming year, one can expect AR to be integrated even more into sales. A strong reason as to why this automation trend would continue is because the new normal has transformed the way we collaborate and learn.
It has been observed that a few companies are getting the return they expected from automation. One major reason for this is that the processes aren’t monitored. Process intelligence is that type of automation that does the guesswork out of staffing needs, budgeting, SLA projections, and much more. As businesses aim to transform every process suitable for automation, process intelligence will become a necessity.
Robotic process automation (RPA) is a comprehensive approach to automation development. From data identification to allocation, robots are capable of doing everything which is why they can contribute to a majority of automation at the workplace. Considering the fact that RPA can contribute to an increase in employee productivity by taking on redundant tasks, it is highly likely that 2022 witness increased adoption of the same.
Automation in the form of virtual assistants and smart technologies can help in automating mechanical tasks. This further empowers the workforce to direct their energies towards more complex tasks. As the employees are required to strengthen their adaptability, leadership, and critical thinking skills, automation would serve the purpose here. This automation trend stands a negligible chance to fail.
Hyper-automation is an excellent platform that brings integration, management, monitoring, and DevOps together. Its ability to enable businesses in automating end-to-end workflows managing complex support across different platforms is definitely worth a mention. It is because of this very reason that the coming years can see more adoption of hyper-automation.
The need for gathering, analysing, processing, and storing data locally in real-time has paved the way for edge automation. As edge automation platforms are designed to run continuously without the need for specialized onsite or remote IT support, the coming years would see organizations relying on them heavily.
The relationship between employee and customer experience is interconnected. When employees feel empowered, they offer better services to the customers. Customers are not willing to settle for low-quality service. Quite evidently, automation has made it a lot easier to deliver seamless, instinctive, and personalized services. As customer service continues to be a priority, one cannot deny how crucial automation is thus justifying why this automation trend is likely to continue in 2022 and beyond.
A majority of organizations have taken on sustainability mandates. Also, with sustainability becoming a priority at the global level, automation turns out to be an excellent medium in understanding organization operations and making the appropriate interventions.
It is very much likely that companies in the coming year will implement the highest levels of automation technologies to perform repetitive work and menial tasks. These tasks that were earlier taken up by employees will now result in freeing up employees to focus on more integral tasks as a result of collaborative automation.

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