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The identity and structure of the college football bowl season are big discussion points at this stage in the sport’s existence. Player opt-outs are a big topic in bowl games. Some Ohio State players opted out of the Rose Bowl. Two elite players opted out of another New Year’s Six game, the Peach Bowl: Kenny Pickett of Pittsburgh and Kenneth Walker of Michigan State.
Television ratings for bowls other than the playoff semifinals, while certainly very good, are not what they could be in a playoff structure. Also, the playoff championship game between Alabama and Georgia did not get huge ratings, due to its all-Deep South composition.
There is reason to work for a reimagined, reshaped bowl structure and — accordingly — a different television framework on ESPN.
George Kliavkoff and the Rose Bowl are part of that discussion.
Per Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News, one change to the bowl structure is to give the Rose Bowl more of a foothold in the postseason.
Kliavkoff recently explained what this foothold is, and what it would look like, in a 12-team College Football Playoff:
“What we’re asking for for the Rose Bowl is a tiny little ask,’’ Kliavkoff told (TV and radio host Paul) Finebaum.
“One out of every three years, they would be hosting a semifinal. They want the right to host a traditional Rose Bowl game if they want to.”
That’s right: In the years when it serves as a semifinal host on (or around) Jan. 8, the Rose Bowl also wants to stage a non-playoff game on Jan. 1 at 2 p.m. that would match the Pac-12 against the Big Ten.
In other words, Granddaddy wants his broadcast window every year, regardless of the playoff rotation.
“To balance out what they giving up, we’ve asked that three hours out of every three years be protected against having to compete (on television) against a CFP quarterfinal. “If they do,” Kliavkoff explained, “the value of that Rose Bowl would be significantly decreased” — when the matchup isn’t part of the CFP — “because if you put 12 teams into the playoff, they don’t get our best against the best team from the Big Ten …”
One point not directly raised here is that if the Rose Bowl and playoff quarterfinals are both played on New Year’s Day, the obvious solution is to have one quarterfinal in the late morning, before the Rose Bowl, and another quarterfinal at night, after the Rose Bowl.
ESPN wouldn’t play all four quarterfinals on the same day. There would be two on New Year’s Eve and two on New Year’s Day. The two on New Year’s Day could be sandwiched around the 2 p.m. Rose Bowl. Everyone could be happy.
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