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Channel veteran David Henderson joins while Dean Yates becomes general manager.
John Mcvicker (Best Technology Services)
In a bid to help nip supply chain and skills resourcing challenges in the bud, implementation field services company Best Technology Services has undertaken a leadership restructure amid a significant recruitment drive. 
Channel veteran and ARN Hall of Fame inductee David Henderson has been appointed as the executive chairman of the company, bringing his leadership expertise into play. 
COO Dean Yates will become general manager and is a shareholder and business partner in the company.
Best Technology founder John McVicker will remain with the company with a sharpened focus on bringing new products and services to market and finding and supporting new partners.
These changes come amid a significant hiring spree for the company, bringing on an additional 45 engineers with in the past quarter. 
“As a channel-only company, unless we can help our partners be successful, we’re not going to have any basis for our own growth,” McVicker said. “The Best Technology solution has always been focused on providing partners with the resources that they need to service their customers but might have trouble accessing otherwise.”
McVicker indicated that the last two years have put an incredible strain on supply chains and created shortages that will continue to be felt for some time, and the recruitment drive placed the company in a position to assist partners.
“There’s a shortage of people who are going to install and repair solutions, and get that last mile task done,” McVicker said. “Our response is to make the investments ourselves so we can introduce stability back into the supply chain for our customers.”
Best Technology Services is marking 20 years in operation, and McVicker said the weight and gravitas of David’s appointment in the channel makes it perfectly equipped to take this opportunity and drive the overall business direction.
“We needed to have a deep look at our product, and how we’re going to take it to market and grow the business,” he said. “A restructure of the leadership, as well as the recruitment of new engineers and specialists so that our partners don’t need to bring those capabilities in-house, is necessary to continue to deliver value to our customers through this climate.” 
Prior to his new role, Henderson was the Executive Chairman of Renewtrak for five years. He has stepped down from that role to assume his latest avenue. 
Henderson said he sees a great opportunity for further growth in the company through its commitment to the channel. 
“John and Dean recognised early in the pandemic that the old solutions that worked pre COVID were not going to cut it in the new paradigm of post COVID,” he said. “Best Technology has built new products, expanded coverage and technical capabilities and importantly developed a shared business risk pricing model. 
“The company is primed for exponential growth over the next three years and I look forward to leading this committed team of experts.”
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