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Here’s how to get Military Tech in Dying Light 2 and what you’ll be needing it for.
There are dozens of crafting resources players can use to upgrade weapons, equipment, and Nightrunner Tools in Dying Light 2, and Military Tech is one of the rarest resources, if not the rarest. You receive a Military Tech very early on in the story, but you don’t get to use it due to story-related reasons, which we won’t spoil.
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Military Tech is a must-have resource if you want to get the best out of your Nightrunner Tools, and it can only be found at the Military Airdrop locations. Once you have enough Military Tech and Old War Money, you can start upgrading your Paraglider, Grapple Hook, and UV Flashlight. Here’s our guide to help find Military Tech to upgrade the tools at your disposal.
Military Tech is a guaranteed loot inside Military Airdrops, which are spread around the map. This means you need to spot an airdrop first; this is where your trusty binoculars come to your aid, but you can usually spot these with the naked eye as well.
Just keep an eye out for a parachute hanging from the side of a tall building. This is the easy part as getting to the top is never a straightforward task, and sometimes you may need to get a little creative.
Not all the airdrops are accessible from the get-go, hence you must make sure you have the necessary skills and tools to reach them. Some airdrops need considerably more stamina points than what you start the game with, and others may not be accessible without a paraglider.
You can check the airdrop with your binoculars or find it on the map to see what requirements are needed to reach the top of the building.
Scouting around the building and finding a way to the top should be your main goal. We also recommend doing these missions at nighttime and benefit from the XP bonus, since you’ll be doing a lot of jumping and climbing. On top of that, since these drops can only be found at hard-to-reach places, there won’t be any infected to bother you.
Once you reach the top, you can freely loot the military crate and find valuable goodies. Military Tech is always located in a special compartment on the far right side of the crate, and you’ll need your GRE Key to access it.
Don’t forget to loot it! It won’t be added to your inventory automatically after unlocking the compartment.
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