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Minecraft users who play the Java version of the popular game will have to use a Microsoft Account from March 2022 onward to play the game.minecraft java microsoft accountsMicrosoft, owner of Minecraft since 2014, announced the migration in October 2020. The company’s initial plan was to make Microsoft Accounts mandatory in 2021, but the change has been delayed. The Java version is one of the two main Minecraft versions.
Up until now, gamers who play the Java version may use a Mojang account to do so or a Microsoft Account. Mojang, the original developer of Minecraft, continued to work on the game after the acquisition.
Starting March 10, 2022, Minecraft can’t be played unless a Microsoft Account is used. Microsoft claims that millions of Minecraft Java gamers have migrated their accounts to a Microsoft Account already. Gamers benefit from the move as well, as Microsoft states that its own account system offers advantages such as support for two-factor authentication over the Mojang account system.
Parents may also get better control over the playing activities of their children, provided that they manage their children’s Microsoft Accounts.
All data is migrated and all content and features remain the same, according to Microsoft. Gamers receive a free special cave once they have moved the account. The entire migration should only take ” a couple of minutes” according to Microsoft; much of it depends on whether a Microsoft Account is used already or if it has to be created from scratch.
Minecraft players who use multiple legacy or Mojang accounts will need to create individual Microsoft Accounts for each of their classic accounts. Options to sign-in to any of these accounts are provided.
You can check out the official FAQ for additional details on the migration.
The move benefits Microsoft first and foremost, as it can drop support for Mojang accounts and does not need to maintain these anymore once the migration completes. Gamers who don’t want to migrate to a Microsoft Account, for whatever reason, won’t be able to play the official versions of Minecraft anymore as using a Microsoft Account is mandatory by March 10, 2022.
Now You: do you play Minecraft?
These requirements to use an account when it involves Big Tech is BS. What happened to a simple give your email and password and forget all account linking between big organisation.
Btw hasn’t played Minecraft yet so I’m already in minority to be impacted by this decision.
Yes it is BS. All companies do by requiring an account like a Microsoft one is pollute the email pool. Anything that requires such accounts always gets “MincraftMS1” type of email created just for Minecraft. It’s not used for anything but that. Got another Minecraft account? “MinecraftMS2”. So stupid.
Microsoft is really pushing its requirement for a Microsoft account on everything. I only use a couple Microsoft products, so I really do not want to embrace this sort of tactic by Microsoft. At some point, I will probably end up abandoning Windows for Linux as Windows 10 reaches EOS.
Your post doesn’t even make sense. I installed Windows 11 in all my computers, supported and unsupported and not even once I have asked to have a Microsoft account.
If you use Microsoft services, some will obviously ask for a MS account… like Xbox related stuff, and still you could use gamebar or something and you don’t require one, same with Microsoft Store, you don’t even need an account to get apps for your computer.
So what’s wrong about it? Microsoft gives you a choice. You aren’t even required a Microsoft account to use Skype Meetings, I mean, compare it to Google where you are forced to use an account to get into Meet and do the same.
You can also block everything with a firewall, and never be bothered by anything in Windows.
You are just weak and find any excuses, nobody is forcing you to anything anyway, so switch to Linux if you want, then don’t complain about apps not running correctly because we know you all want to run EXE inside Linux.
Now that’s not entirely true, don’t lie on the internet just like that, Darryl Mackun.
You need to do some workarounds to get the W11 Home edition to install without a Microsoft account. And we’re talking about fairly obscure workarounds, not just a button tucked into a corner which is difficult to spot.
You need account to create Skype Meetings and you don’t need any account to join Google Meet. This is just blatant lie.
@Darryl Mackun,
JohnIL is perfectly entitled to complain about this and it doesn’t make him ‘weak’ to do so. And you are wrong, m$ does push and attempt to deceive you into creating an account.
Java is bad.
Security issues.
Remove Java from all devices.
Browsers no longer support Java.
MS is selling security these days.
Except for Minecraft, a very weird “game” with square chickens every kid on the planet plays.
Maybe it’s just a licensing issue, Oracle vs. MS (and the rest of the world?)
OK, I get it.
No, I don’t.
Maybe if I had a MS account, it would all be clear.
I just don’t understand why Minecraft is booming. That blocky game is visually unappealing to me.
It doesn’t make sense.
That’s probably why mostly kids like it. Maybe to them it looks like a LEGO game or something. Maybe if I was 6-8 years old I would’ve liked it too.
I tried playing it when it came out to see what all the fuss was about and mainly the blocky graphics turned me away. If it had at least round graphics it would’ve been more interesting to me, both characters and the environment.
So? Don’t play it. easy as that. You are apparently a grown up so you shouldn’t play any videogames anyway.
Microsoft bought the game and kept the Java version alive but the Microsoft store has nothing to do with it, they haven’t really updated it either.
Also Java is not more insecure than anything else in a computer, many programs use Java they are perfectly fine and they will not support from another security threat or some whatever, computers are like that, were made to spy you so I am sure the least of the problems is java, which is just a programming language so who cares if a browser supports it or not, Browsers are not exactly the most efficient thanks to their support for JS and other stuff which is the reason why browsers use 600MB memory when they just open 1 tab, and 50% CPU when you visit a website.
I have Minecraft Java Edition. I honestly have no idea what account I have, but I guess it’s a Mojang one as I use my gMail address for login. I think, it’s been a while since I had played it.
What is Minecraft? Didn’t they got bigger pixels? LOL
What Amazon did was worse. If you own Minecraft on Amazon Appstore they abruptly made that version Amazon devices only, probably to avoid conflict with Minecraft Windows 10 Edition from Windows Store if Amazon Appstore makes it’s way to Windows 11. So if you had bought Minecraft on Amazon Appstore you can no longer install it on a non-Amazon device. And they are not offering a refund either.
People still play this nonsense?
Microsoft gonna Microsoft. This is how they killed Mixer in record time.

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