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Vasudev Bailey
Senior partner 
Artis Ventures
Class of 2021
What got you into this business?
The work we are doing at Artis Ventures has the power to make a direct impact on improving healthcare for everyone, and nothing is more important than health. I have the good fortune of working alongside entrepreneurs and executives who are doing life-altering, meaningful work. It’s equally my passion and my career. Both early life lessons and school experience helped me realize that the most important aspect of a successful business is really the people in the network. As an investor, I aim to be part of that system and make a difference in the companies I work with, to ultimately make a difference for us all.
Vasudev Bailey, Top 25 Emerging Leaders – Class of 2021
How do you find investment targets?
We look for companies that are solving big and difficult problems in global healthcare, with a team that carries the right traits. Since its inception, Artis’ mission has been to level up ventures and shift the industry toward a focus on game-changers that also have the unique ability to become life-changers. Today our focus is on investing in cutting-edge, category-defining companies at the intersection of tech and medicine. We call it “TechBio.” By going after the most pervasive healthcare issues and conditions, we’re architecting solutions one disease and/or condition at a time.
We also recognize that when building a company, the burden of proof does not end with the idea, but also requires a strong internal team and external network to execute the vision. There are many companies working to tackle life sciences’ biggest problems that, in the end, only gain short-term traction. Those that succeed have a team that can stay laser-focused on the longer-term vision. That is who we look to partner with and support.
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Today our focus is on investing
in cutting-edge, category-defining companies
at the intersection of tech and medicine.
We call it “TechBio.”

Where are you seeing the future of venture capital in healthcare?
Investment into healthcare companies exceeded $80 billion in 2021, making it the strongest year for healthcare funding in the history of venture capital and it will continue to keep pace. Technology, data and personalization will continue to drive innovation in the multibillion-dollar sectors ranging from health insurance-tech, AI in medicine and digital health to synthetic biology and cell/gene therapies. Also, in a perfect world, we will come together to focus on equity in healthcare from a global perspective—one movement across the world with more representation of ages, gender and diversity of thought. That requires us all to come together, which I believe we can do.
What advice do you have for emerging leaders?
Don’t stop at just finding yourself a mentor, find yourself a sponsor too. A mentor is a person who you can go to for advice or guidance, but a sponsor advocates for you when you’re not in the room. Sponsors can help supercharge your careers.

Top 25 Emerging Leaders Class of 2021
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