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San Jose, California, UNITED STATES
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Feb. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Splashtop, a leader in secure, EU GDPR-compliant remote access and support solutions, announced the release of its latest remote IT support solution designed for the European small and medium enterprise (SME) market. Splashtop SOS Teams is now generally available in *most European countries, providing IT departments, customer support and help desk/service desk teams with a fast, cost-effective (199 Euros fixed price per year, per technician for unlimited devices) and complete solution for attended and unattended remote IT support.
Splashtop SOS Teams is a single app from which technicians can provide “limitless” remote support from any device. So even if they are in the field and the unexpected happens, they can act immediately.
“Work from anywhere has added new complexities to IT support teams that need to provide timely, secure and specific technical support to employees across a wider variety of multiple devices and operating systems – wherever they are located,” said Alexander Draaijer, general manager of Splashtop EMEA. “Splashtop SOS Teams makes providing remote support simple and affordable for SMEs. There is no need to waste time or money traveling to your user’s device. A technician can just remote into the users’ device from any place or device and take control the second they’re needed, resolving the issue right away with attended support. Or, provide unattended support to perform updates and maintenance across one of many endpoints, apps or systems.”
Who benefits from Splashtop SOS Teams:

Splashtop SOS Teams provides an unbeatable value and delivers a simplified workflow, high performance, broad device support, user permissions, and complies with regulations like GDPR. Thanks to the simplicity of the solution, it makes support requests easy for technicians and end-users. It also provides all the tools organizations need to get remote IT support done quickly and effectively to resolve tech support issues, including screen share, transfer files between devices, chat with users, record sessions, etc.
“We are laser-focused on delivering an IT support solution that truly improves remote productivity and eliminates technology frustration,” continued Draaijer. “Splashtop SOS Teams is truly the best value for remote IT support in Europe. Additionally, our advanced security, complete feature set, and instant global customer support that can be reached by phone or chat are second to none.”
*Splashtop SOS Teams is part of a broader product portfolio of remote support solutions for Small & Large Enterprise businesses. SOS Teams is currently not available in the UK and Switzerland.
About Splashtop
Headquartered in Silicon Valley and Amsterdam, Splashtop is the leader in Secure Remote Access and Support, delivering an in-person experience users need with security IT can trust. Unlike clunky and slow remote access solutions, Splashtop’s in-person experience is as fast, simple and secure as being in front of the on-site machine. Our 4k quality at 60fps with enterprise-grade reliability and scalability sets the standard for performance. Splashtop streamlines access and support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android in a single application. With two-factor authentication and single sign-on built-in, as well as SOC2, GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA compliance provides trusted security. Splashtop’s instant global support allows users to talk directly to an expert, regardless of company size. Learn more at www.splashtop.com.