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Recently, the 2021 Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Project announced that Hilong Petroleum Product Technology Service (Shanghai) CO., Ltd. (referred to here as the “Company”) was successfully shortlisted for the Shanghai Little Giant Breeding Project. This announcement makes it the fourth company in Hilong to receive this kind of recognition and responsibility. Alongside this latest addition, Hilong boasts two Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprises and one Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Breeding Enterprise.
The Company is primarily conducts R&D for oil pipe inner coatings and is one of the very few companies in the world that possesses the production capacity to manufacture powder coatings for drilling tool inner coatings. Since the company’s inception, it has established an R&D center that has secured a total of 39 patents, 5 trademark registration certificates, and participated in the formulation of the 1 industry standard. The compound growth rate of its net profit in the past three years has exceeded 29%; the total R&D expenses over the same period accounted for nearly 7.5% of the total main business income. The current technology number of R&D personnel accounted for nearly 65% of the company’s employees.
The TC-3000FP Internal Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder Coating developed by the Company is distinguished by its high toughness. The product meets the requirements of toughness and the temperature and corrosion resistance seen in powder coating products. It also solves VOC emission issue associated with the coating process. The key property of the Hilong TC-2000P Internal Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder Coating for Drill Pipe involves maintaining high strength under conditions marked by high temperatures and pressure. It is capable of resisting damage resulting from a corrosive medium at high temperatures and can avoid coating failure caused by different mud systems. This product can be applied to many areas, namely geological exploration, oil and gas field exploitation, and shale oil and shale gas exploitation, which is a new field to have emerged in recent years. The footage depth of coated pipes can reach approximately 9,000 meters.
“Successfully being shortlisted for the 2021 Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Breeding Enterprise Project is further recognition of our corporate identity as a high-tech enterprise. It fully demonstrates our strength and technological innovation capabilities. It will invigorate our future business development. At the same time, this recognition will allow us to attract an even greater number of highly talented individuals, which will in turn help us to constantly strengthen and implement our strategy for innovation.” said Sun Jian, General Manager of the Company.
In 2010, Hilong Pipeline Engineering Technology Service Co., Ltd. was recognized as a Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Breeding Enterprise. Shanghai Hilong Oil Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hilong Shine New Material Co., Ltd. were both recognized as Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprises in 2012 and in 2013, respectively.
The Implementation Measures for the Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Project officially put into effect by Shanghai in 2006 focus on four goals: the aggressive implementation of an innovation-driven development strategy, further promotion for the independent innovation of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, improvements to enterprises’ core competitiveness, and the establishment of a group of small technology giants that feature competitive advantages in not only domestic but also foreign industries. The Little Giant Project supports Science and Technology Little Giant Breading Enterprise and Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise. The implementation period covers 2 years.
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