Atlanta-based tech services firm gets $25M to fuel growth – Atlanta Business Chronicle

ProArch, a technology service firm based in Atlanta, received a $25 million growth investment from private investment firm MSouth Capital.
The debt and equity investment will fuel ProArch’s development of services. ProArch will also look to expand inorganically through acquiring other companies aligned with its strategy.
“MSouth is an Atlanta-based investment firm, so they are close to home,” said Santosh Kaveti, CEO of ProArch. “We felt that, with MSouth on our side, our ability to fuel our business growth will be significantly accelerated.” 
ProArch is a global firm that assists with IT and cloud modernization, protects against cyber threats, minimizes security risks, harnesses data through analytics and machine learning and creates digital products which drive revenue growth and speed to market.
Other future plans for Proarch include building more industry-focused solutions. It’s also planning an expansion in the energy sector and others, such as manufacturing.
The company was founded in 2006 and has a total of 350 employees, with 12 located in the Atlanta area.
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