Kanye West Just Sent Kim Kardashian A Truck Full Of Roses After Julia Fox Confirmed The Two Have Split – BuzzFeed

I — and probably Pete Davidson — truly have no words.
BuzzFeed Staff
In fact, people have been praising the reality star’s “dignified” responses to his “constant attacks” and “manipulation.”
There’s also a whole separate — yet related — feud Ye has with the Saturday Night Live star, which included him dissing the actor in multiple songs. In one lyric, he implied Pete should “thank” him for letting Kim be with him.
Julia wrote on Instagram that while she has “love for [Ye],” she “wasn’t in love” with him. “What do you think I am, 12 years old?!” she added.
There have been few times in my life where I’ve been speechless, but I gotta say this one is up there.

Like, give it UP already, Ye! Move on! 
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