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Hello Fellow Investors.
The Digital Trend (Jack and James) is proud to announce the launch of Technically Crypto, a new Marketplace service specializing in technology stocks and the exciting world of cryptocurrencies/digital assets.
These assets are often misunderstood, almost feared, by so many investors, which is the primary reason we wanted to launch this service.
Fear holds us back from embracing new technologies, and it holds us back from investing in them. But it’s a fear borne out of a lack of understanding. A fear that can be defeated by shining a bright light on the hard questions surrounding cryptocurrencies and technology.
If you’re an open-minded investor, eager to expand your horizons and learn new things, this might just be the place for you.
Because the world is changing, and so should your portfolio.
As the name suggests, Technically Crypto is heavily focused on cryptocurrencies and technology stocks. Let’s break it down.
Cryptocurrency divides the room but it’s here to stay, and for good reason. Monetary policy and financial markets are in a very “delicate” situation. Whether this will lead to economic collapse or simply subpar economic growth, we’re happy to discuss it with you at length.
In any case, cryptocurrencies (the right ones at least) offer a secure, decentralized and transparent solution to many of the problems faced today by fiat currencies and centralized systems.
Furthermore, they open up a whole new world of possibilities. Not just in finance, but in the world of programming, communication, artificial intelligence, gaming, art, etc.
Early investors in cryptocurrency have already been handsomely rewarded, but we’re still in the early innings of the crypto game. Think of the bubble back in the 90s. Everyone saw the potential of the Internet, even if they did get ahead of themselves. But more than 20 years later, that massive crash in 2000-2002 looks like a blip and a juicy dip-buying opportunity that only those with patience and foresight dared to take.
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What makes cryptocurrencies appealing is the novel use of blockchain technology, which is why we also dive deep into the world of tech. The revolution that’s occurring in money and finance is also taking place in the rest of our economy. Not addressing these means leaving money on the table.
Blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital entertainment, e-commerce, IoT, big data… These are not just buzzwords, but the defining trends of the future.
We believe investors would do well to stay on top of these opportunities, and that’s exactly what we will help you do at Technically Crypto.
This service is for anyone who understands that the best place to find market-beating returns is in technology and crypto.
This doesn’t mean that you should be investing exclusively in these sectors, but it does mean that you’re ready to allocate some money toward investments with the potential for double or even triple-digit returns.
In my opinion, every portfolio should have some exposure to tech and crypto.
This service is aimed at beginners and experts alike. It can be daunting to put money into stocks and assets we don’t fully understand. More importantly, this can lead to bad investment decisions.
Every stock and crypto we analyze is fully explained in terms that anyone can understand.
Are you ready to supercharge your portfolio with high potential return investments? This service is for you.
Are you interested in crypto and wish to learn more? That’s what the free trial is for.
Are you a seasoned crypto investor looking to stay ahead of the market and be part of a community of like-minded individuals? Technically Crypto is also right for you.
Our analysis is research and data-driven. To stay ahead, you have to stay informed, and this is no easy task in the fast-paced world of tech and crypto.
When it comes to crypto, we analyze the whole space. Cryptocurrencies are the focus, of course, but we stay on top of trends like DeFi, NFTs, Stablecoins and the regulatory landscape.
We have a portfolio of carefully curated cryptocurrencies, based on what we believe to be the best-designed blockchains with the highest target addressable markets, and we’re constantly adding and changing positions based on the latest available information.
Though our approach is long term, we also use on-chain metrics and technical analysis to get an idea of the more immediate direction of the market, so this service is also suited to traders.
Ultimately, we have a strong conviction in cryptocurrencies and we try to present our research and investments in a way that is accessible and easy to understand, even for beginners.
Some of the altcoins we’ve discussed in the past have appreciated well over 1000%. Can these results be replicated moving forward? We absolutely think so.
When it comes to tech, we like to apply a top-down approach while covering a wide area. We ask ourselves: What will be the defining technological trends of the coming decade? Want a hint? Here are some facts to consider:
73% of data goes unused for analytics purposes.
More people in the world have access to a phone than a working toilet.
There are untapped markets where technologies have yet to be leveraged to their fullest potential. This is something we cover in depth in our service.
Once we know where to look, we analyze the companies in specific sectors and compare fundamentals and valuation. This requires both research and a substantial amount of data processing, which we do using proprietary software we have developed.
Technology stocks have multi-bagger potential, no matter what the macroeconomic context is. Furthermore, there are plenty of tech stocks that are reasonably priced and have strong cash flows. Technology investing can suit many types of investors.
Access to our Crypto Portfolio.
Access to our Tech Portfolio.
In-depth reports on select cryptocurrencies and tech stocks.
On-chain analysis.
Regular Portfolio updates.
Updates on news and trends in the crypto space: Regulation, DeFi, NFTs…
Updates on news and trends in the tech space.
Every Saturday, a newsletter recapping the week and laying our expectations for the week ahead.
Access to our Chat Room.
You might be wondering who is behind Technically Crypto. This is actually an AI developed on the Ethereum blockchain using self-executing smart contracts. Pretty neat right?
Jokes aside, we’re James Foord and Jack Foord, two Barcelona-based investors with a background in economics and finance. We’re known on Seeking Alpha as The Digital Trend.
James has always been passionate about economics with a special focus on monetary policy, spending most of his years studying economics annoying professors with questions about the gold standard. As someone who strongly believes in “sound money,” Bitcoin was a natural stepping stone and he soon became fascinated with cryptocurrency and blockchain.
The joy he got from studying crypto was only matched by the joy of explaining its intricacies to friends, family and blog followers. Writing on Seeking Alpha was a natural extension of this, and it soon became much more than a hobby.
James is prolific, passionate about crypto and tech and likes to think of himself as a “big picture guy.” He’s behind all the cryptocurrency analysis from the Digital Trend.
Jack has a master’s in Financial Accounting and extensive real-life experience in “number crunching.” This gives him keen insights when it comes to performing in-depth balance sheet and cash flow analysis. He’s also adept at programming and working with large data sets, which comes in handy when investing.
Using these skills, he can find value hidden beneath a mountain of hay. Jack has a meticulous and traditional approach to investing, which he uses to find value in innovative and disruptive tech companies. He’s the leading force behind the stock analysis at Technically Crypto.
When you sign up to Technically Crypto, you get insights from not one, but two, fully-dedicated investors.
Change is the only constant in life, and we must embrace it with arms wide open. At Technically Crypto, we can’t tell the future, but we can make well informed and educated guesses and point you in the right direction.
But most importantly, we aim to create a fun and welcoming environment. What drew us into crypto and tech in the first place was the constant supply of fascinating news, mind-boggling developments and untapped potential to make the world a better place to live in.
You are already putting countless hours into investing. Why not have some fun with it?
We aim to be a source of information and insights into the digital space and build a thriving community of crypto and tech enthusiasts. Is this something you want to be a part of?
The crypto world moves 10x harder and faster than stocks, so acting now is of the essence.
The first 40 investors who sign up will enjoy a legacy (that means forever) discount. As long as you don’t cancel your subscription, you will always pay an annual price of $399.
Regular subscribers can join us for $60/month or $499, so that’s a 20% discount if you join now.
You have nothing to lose as there’s a two-week free trial that will allow you to try the service out and decide if you want to continue after this period.
If you’re reading this via Seeking Alpha’s mobile app, to try this service right now, go to and enter “Technically Crypto” in the site search to visit the Marketplace Service checkout page.
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The world is turning digital and so should your portfolio!
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